Between 2000 to 2009 Procter & Gamble (P&G) showed an impressive performance:

  • Sales doubled and profits quadrupled
  • Earnings per share increased 12% per year
  • Share price increased by 80+% (while S&P 500 went down overall)
  • Its market cap doubled

This was done through an approach that focussed on “winning” rather than merely participating. P&G’s leaders followed a structured approach, and a philosophy that has been shared in a ‘do-it-yourself strategy’ book by the then CEO Lafley and Roger Martin.

Take a download of this approach & key stages, as well as my learnings and viewpoint on the book. This shall also share case studies of how these principles were applied and bring to life learnings of the approach.

This can be done as a crisp one hour presentation or a half a day workshop taking a small client brand as an example.

A short description of the course:

Objective: Learning the “play to win” approach of P&G

What this covers:  A short summary of the book by the then CEO Lafley with an outline of the approach they followed and case studies.  This would benefit both FMCG as well as other industries and learn how a structured approach can help build a stronger strategy.

Who is it for: Those involved in strategy planning for their brands/ divisions and senior management.  It also serves as a good refresher for more experienced senior folk :-))

Ideal audience size: a maximum of 8 participants for an interactive workshop. If more, this is better done as a presentation.

Duration: Half a day (interactive workshop) and upto 2 hours (presentation).

This is suitable for both mid-level teams or senior teams.  Some clients have requested me to do this at their annual planning/ training getaways.

Reach me for more enquiries or to organize this through the contact form. You can also check with me if you have any other special challenges and would like me to devise a training course for that, or learn from one of my “off-the-shelf” presentations.