In my career  I have tested hundreds of concepts  from product and  advertising concepts,  from finished to sketchy ideas and tested them both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The hit rate for winning concepts was quite low.  And one of the reasons for this, I felt was that the concept ideas were incomplete or not presented in a manner that would engage with the consumer and click immediately.  A bigger danger with such concepts is not just that they fail, but we never really get to learn whats not working (or… whats working).

That truly is a big loss and does not take us much further. For e.g.  do  we need to revisit the platform? or is it a lack of good insight or USP or its combination with the right reason-to-believe? Or is it that when they were presented together they somehow seemed incongruent?  Consumers are not meant to analyse this – the concept either works with them instantly or if it was not done well to begin with, they really cant tell us why.

And what I have realised is that there are actually a few small steps that can help elevate any  concept idea to a better, a more complete proposition and thus better gauge how the consumer really felt about it.  My experience in advertising and working with MNCs helped in discovering some techniques they used that added more layers to a concept to help it become well-rounded and engage with the customer.

I have shared these techniques with many client teams in South East Asia through workshops and trained them to help craft better concepts.

A short description of the course:

Objective: Guidelines and tips to write the complete concept

What this covers: How to improve your current concept idea. So you are already at the starting point and have a list of benefits, insights and reasons-to-believe. Once this has been done (i.e. benefits and RTB shortlisted) its time to add layers or checks that can help us convert this to a better, more well-rounded concept. This training course runs through some good guidelines that help add dimensions to  help the concept resonate better with the TG as well as make them future-ready.

Who is it for: Those with 3+ years of experience and work in writing product or communication concepts.  It also serves as a good refresher for more experienced senior folk :-))

Ideal audience size: a maximum of 8 participants for an interactive workshop. If more, this is better done as a presentation.

Duration: Half a day (interactive workshop) and upto 2 hours (presentation).

This is suitable for both advertising agencies as well as client-side teams.  I also can do this as part of an MDP/ EDP/ seminars being done by institutes. Some clients have requested me to do this at their annual planning/ training getaways.

Reach me for more enquiries or to organize this through the contact form. You can also check with me if you have any other special challenges and would like me to devise a training course for that, or learn from one of my óff-the-shelf presentations.